Study: Auto-play native video ads performing well

Native video advertising for app content feeds is proving very effective in driving key metrics throughout the funnel, according to new data from Opera Mediaworks and comScore.

"Based on the findings, auto-playing video specifically created for native, in-feed environments can have a major impact on results like purchase intent and likelihood to recommend," Nikao Yang, SVP for Global Marketing and Business Development, Opera Mediaworks, said in this statement announcing the findings "While not a substitute for full-screen mobile video ads, native video ads can be a strong complement and a key part of the mobile video marketing mix."

Mobile-first, purpose-built video ad creative is showing itself to be a great way to get mobile users to stop scrolling and pay attention—and once marketers have their attention, the ads are proving effective toward driving purchases.

"When compared to a control group that hadn't seen the ad, the mobile users who watched a mobile native video ad were 5 percentage points more likely to want to buy the product," according to this eMarketer article on the report's findings. "The ads produced a 4-point boost in favorability, a 7-point increase in likelihood to recommend, and a 6-point increase in mobile ad recall."

Some best practices for creating native mobile video ads include standing out and hooking users' attention within two to three seconds, as most users are scrolling through their social media feeds quickly. Marketers should also consider leveraging oversized text to clearly convey messages and branding, and shouldn't rely to heavily on audio, as many mobile users have devices on mute when consuming content.

Including calls to action within native video advertising is also recommended, according to Opera Mediaworks, as they can extend the user's engagement with the advertiser beyond the length of the ad itself.

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