Report: Mobile, smartphones continue to grow as ad platforms

Mobile continues its rise toward the top of advertising spending and targeting, and smartphones are beginning to take users away from platforms other than desktop computers by cutting into tablet users.

"The Q2 2016 Performance Marketer's Benchmark Report" from Marin Software shows that mobile devices – and smartphones in particular – are still rising in popularity as a way to reach people with advertising campaigns. The report sampled the Marin Global Online Advertising Index, which examines more than $7.8 billion worth of spend in the Marin platform.

"The direction of consumer and advertiser trends has largely stabilized over the past few quarters," the report reads. "Mobile device share increased across the board, but was mostly centered on smartphone at the expense of desktop and tablet."

For search advertisers, desktop is still the top platform – but that may not be the case for much longer, according to the report.

"Desktop did see some attrition, however, with minor shifts across the board away from desktop towards smartphone," the report reads. "Clicks and spend are now majority mobile, with impressions and conversions close behind. Desktop share still retains the plurality, but the lead is a narrow one."

Spending on display advertising is still primarily focused on desktop, but again that dominance is eroding.

"One difference between search and display – the majority of smartphone share gain is still coming from desktop, rather than tablet," the report reads. "The differences between metric device share are more varied in display than in search, but we saw similar directional trends towards more and more mobile."

Social media advertising, however, remains a very mobile-minded area.

"Social is still the most mobile of all three channels, and conversions are also becoming more mobile on this channel," according to the report. "We expect this trend to continue, eventually crossing the 50 percent mark this year."

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