Getting creative with video marketing can drive results

As video marketing and advertising continue to rise in popularity, marketers who are turning to video to reach wider audiences need to pay closer attention to the creative side of video production.

Sites like YouTube and social channels are becoming more crowded when it comes to video marketing and ad content, and it's up to savvy marketers to come up with the ideas and visuals to make their videos stand out from the competition.

According to the new "Video Creative Best Practices" report from Yahoo, including larger logos in video ads can help make them pop – especially on smaller mobile screens.

"Logos in mobile video ads are generally small and visible for only a short time, but it's important to make them large and clearly visible," the report reads. "Larger logos deliver higher brand metrics than smaller logos, and even more so for millennials."

Providing viewers with a call-to-action (CTA) in video messaging is another way to engage with audiences, and it gives marketers a way to measure the impact of video campaigns.

"Whether they are URLs or hashtags, be sure to include CTAs in your video ads," the report reads. "Including CTAs generated increases in lower-funnel metrics such as purchase intent and brand recommendation."

For marketers who believe their target audience will be more likely to view video messages on mobile devices, it's important to consider the screen alignment for videos (and it can't hurt to optimize for mobile viewing even if the primary audience is expected to be viewing on desktop).

"Video ads must be optimized for screen alignment. We see that Horizontal Landscape and Vertical Portrait alignments generate higher increases in affinity and purchase intent," the report reads. "Horizontal is more effective at increasing familiarity and purchase intent when compared to the relatively newer vertical portrait ads."

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