Facebook tops General Sentiment's global brands list

Facebook's continued innovation has earned it the top spot on General Sentiment's "Q1 2013 Global Brands" list, according to a report in MediaPost.

"Our Global Brands report looked very different a year ago," said Pete Moran, CEO of General Sentiment, in a statement. "Then, Apple was the top brand, and technology companies comprised the first nine slots. Last year, Facebook wasn't even on the list. Today, Apple is at fifth. …Yesterday's winning brand could be today's losing brand. Perception changes everything, and being able to manage perception is key in today's market."

General Sentiment's quarterly reports determine "impact media value" for each brand, which is the purchase equivalent value of a brand's exposure as determined by the sentiment, frequency and exposure of news mentions and social dialogue.

In the first quarter, Facebook generated $730 million of "impact media value," according to the report. General Sentiment pointed to the roll out of its redesigned home page and news feed as driving factors behind the social network's placement in the No. 1 slot.

Google grabbed second place, with $545 million in "impact media value," the report said. Google's general dominance of the ad market, combined with the media buzz caused by the introduction of Google Glass and the discontinuation of Google Reader, made the company a strong contender.

No. 3 in the first quarter was Amazon, producing $519 million in "impact media value," General Sentiment said, which attributed its Amazon pick to the online retailer's purchase of Goodreads and a deal with CBS. Last year, Amazon entered the B2B e-commerce market by launching a dedicated e-commerce site aimed at businesses.

B2B technology brands also continued to dominate the list; Microsoft, Adobe and Intel claimed sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively.

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