Cintell's user base growing

Boston-based Cintell launched earlier this year, offering a platform that automates the creation of customer personas for B2B sales, and the company has seen its user base grow to more than 350 in just a few months on the market.

"The traction is fantastic," said Cintell CEO and co-founder Apparao Karri in a company statement. "Marketers signing up for the tool are forerunners in the inevitable shift towards customer-centric business strategy. Our growth only demonstrates the willingness of the marketing industry to put the buyer at the center of their process by operationalizing buyer persona insights."

Cintell users are able to convert traditional, static buyer personas into a centralized knowledge base of customer insights in a cloud-based format, named SmartPersonas, which can be updated and shared throughout organizations. Cintell is also offering new users a 15-day free trial for the SmartPersonas Customer Intelligence Platform.