6sense launches new tool aimed at decoding buyer timing

Predictive intelligence tech company 6sense has launched a new solution that could help marketers solve the problem of understanding buyer timing – and connect with buyers when they're ready to make that purchasing decision.

6sense's new 2sense solution finds and focuses on buyers that are in active buying cycles for a specific product or service, then connects intent activity data from the 6sense Exclusive Data Network with internal customer digital activity. 

"We're bringing 2sense to market in response to what we've heard from customers and prospects wanting to rapidly take advantage of our exclusive footprint of B2B centers of research to find accounts that are in active buying cycles," 6sense CEO Amanda Kahlow said in a company statement. "With 2sense, companies can start their journey with predictive in a matter of days, gaining results to drive media execution and all account-based marketing tactics, from outbound prospecting, targeting and segmentation, to personalization. In B2B selling, timing is everything – are they ready to buy or are you too late? Other predictive companies focus on static, unchanging firmographics to help you find the ideal buyer profile but won't give you the answer to 'when.'"

2sense was developed to quickly deliver insights to marketers in effort to help them identify accounts that are in active buying cycles before they reach out to a company or fill out a demand gen form.

"We specifically selected 2sense for three different reasons," HP vice president and global head of marketing insights and analytics Kevin Bolden said in this video highlighting the new solution. "The first was time to capability, it was important for us to have this capability up and running very quickly. The second was time to value, the idea of us being able to quickly measure the value of 2sense without doing large investments was important. The final piece was being able to leverage other people's models rather than us building models from scratch." 

Marketers looking for a tool aimed at targeting buyers at the right time now have a new option at their disposal.

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