George Stenitzer, VP-communications, Tellabs

Who: George Stenitzer, VP-communications, Tellabs

Bio: Stenitzer has led Tellabs' gloabal corporate and marketing communications team since 2000, where he is responsible for all communication with customers, investors, employees, media and industry analysts in 90 countries around the world. Before that, he served at R.R. Donnelley as VP corporate communications and at Ameritech as director of corporate positioning.

Why you should be paying attention to him: Thirteen years is a long time in marketing, and during his time at Tellabs, Stenitzer has seen mobility and frequency become key trends in marketing, especially in the telecom industry. He's taken the company's 30-year-old publication Tellabs Insights mobile, while including interactive content like videos, white papers and links to content on the website or blog.

New content posted twice a week on the blog and the implementation of a daily social media strategy has also boosted publishing on those platforms. The website has already been optimized for tablets, and Stenitzer said they're currently working on optimizing it for smartphones as well, since phone traffic to the site doubled after a new interface was launched in March.

Stenitzer also continues to pride himself on Tellabs' research, which seeks to explain both the costs and the advantages of making the jump to new technologies for current and prospective clients. Tellabs is able to use that content to make themselves part of the customer conversation, and put them in a position to make the sale when they're ready to buy.

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George Stenitzer, VP-communications, Tellabs