Viewability and video ads are hot topics for mobile marketers

Mobile is only growing more omnipresent and critical to marketing strategies across the board, with metrics such as ad viewability and trends like mobile video catching on in a big way in 2015.

Mobile advertising is already a huge piece of the puzzle for marketers, but measuring the effectiveness of those ads has been a bit of an enigma thus far. Fyber senior director of global strategic partnerships Ross Barasch believes that 2016 will be the year mobile viewability steps into the spotlight.

"As the industry continues to define mobile viewability and fine-tunes its accuracy, viewability will be a key to measuring the effectiveness of mobile advertising campaigns," Barasch wrote in this column for Mobile Marketing Watch. "The consensus in the industry on measuring viewability will lead to new pricing models and a bigger shift to mobile for brands, which need a consistent way to measure success. With the emphasis on viewability increasing, brands and advertisers will start to look beyond simple views as they measure campaign success and invest more heavily in mobile."

And as mobile video becomes even more popular with buyers and consumers, mobile video ads will only increase.

"Full-screen, engaging ad formats on mobile devices, especially video, make mobile an attractive opportunity to score highly viewable impressions. Unlike on desktop, these ad formats aren't competing for a user's complete attention," Barasch wrote.

"Video also allows an advertiser to better measure if and how much of an ad was consumed. This is much more difficult to track on static ad formats, which is another reason why we'll continue to see brands increase spend on video."

And technology will also have a hand in video ads, with solutions such as immersive, 360-degree ads that provide a virtual reality-like experience already out there.

"With the expansion of video advertising technology on our mobile devices, additional products such as 'touch-and-feel' ads—meaning technology that lets you feel the image and sensations—will allow advertisers to go even further to create multi-sensory experiences," Barasch wrote. "New ad products that can immerse a user in the ad experience in different ways will bring the industry that much closer to future technologies like virtual reality."

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