Poll: Personalization is a top data-driven goal

Data-driven marketers are primarily looking to personalize the customer experience, though integrating data across platforms and enriching data quality are proving to be challenges for data-driven marketing organizations, according to a new study.

The "Data-Driven Marketing for Personalization Survey Summary Report" from Ascend2 surveyed 229 marketing influencers, and discovered that personalizing the customer experience is a top priority for 70 percent of data-driven marketing strategies.

Other top goals for data-driven strategies included acquiring new customers (43 percent), measuring data-driven marketing ROI (40 percent), targeting individual market segments (39 percent) and integrating data across platforms (28 percent).

Data-driven tactics are also beginning to come of age, as more marketing organizations have been using them for some time and are beginning to see results.

"More than a third (37 percent) of companies consider their data-driven marketing strategy best-in-class compared to their competition, with another 44 percent describing their success as above average," the report reads.

Just 18 percent of respondent said their data-driven efforts were somewhat unsuccessful and 2 percent reported very unsuccessful results from data-driven strategies.

Respondents identified integrating data across platforms (50 percent) and enriching data quality (49 percent) as the top two barriers they face in achieving data-driven success. Measuring data-driven marketing ROI (42 percent), personalizing the customer experience (32 percent) and acquiring new customers (31 percent) were also flagged as challenging areas for data-driven marketers.

In terms of how overall data-driven effectiveness is evolving, an overwhelming percentage of responding marketers have seen a difference in data-driven personalization results.

"The effectiveness of data-driven marketing personalization is increasing for a noteworthy total of 95% of companies surveyed," according to the report. "That leaves a mere 5% experiencing a decline in effectiveness."

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