93% of retailers, brands not aligned in driving sales

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Retailers and brands are not necessarily seeing eye-to-eye on their marketing strategies, according to a new report from Netsertive and the CMO Council. When 189 senior marketing leaders who sell products through physical retail stores were asked which channels are most critical, 60 percent cited digital advertising.

Other critical media channels mentioned were corporate websites, 56 percent; mobile, 54.4 percent; social media channels, 51.2 percent; email, 47.2 percent; local in-store engagement and promotions, 40 percent; live events, 24.8 percent; local retail partners, 22.4 percent; and TV advertising, 21.6 percent. Traditional print advertising, direct mail, radio advertising, and partner websites and social channels all received less than 20 percent.

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In addition, almost 95 percent of respondents said that omnichannel is either "important or critical to reaching their business goals." So while these brands need to drive consumers into their stores, there is a lack of commitment to combining all channels to reach their maximum potential. For example, 88 percent of brands said they don't consider local retail partners to be critical in achieving business outcomes.

According to Netsertive's findings, despite ambition and effort to drive in-store visits, the disconnect lies in the last mile because brands and retailers are not aligned.

"Marketers are struggling to align their strategies with their local retail partners. In fact, only 7 percent of marketers believe they are fully aligned with local partners, feeling that both brand and retail partners are in lock step with seamlessly executed brand campaigns," the report states.

In addition, 42 percent of marketers admit they are struggling to measure the impact of digital marketing efforts as they relate to in-store sales. While 23 percent are using third-party tools, only 3 percent are tracking e-receipts, 6 percent tracking in-store redemption of promotional offers delivered via digital channels, and 10 percent tracking digital coupon redemption.

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