Snaplytics collects Snapchat analytics without APIs

Danish startup company Snaplytics released a new analytics service for Snapchat's videos and photos. The one-of-a-kind SaaS software monitors activity on public, one-to-many communications, which means it avoids any Snapchat APIs.

The collected data from Snapchat can pose value for marketers, as photos and videos are deleted shortly after viewing or posting.

The new service, launched in September, has been in beta testing for about a year, working with 200 brands and agencies in 30 companies. Some well-known clients include Ben & Jerry's, Vodafone and the city of Las Vegas. The Influencer Tracking Platform provides insights and data so that agencies, brands and influencers can maximize their content.

“We are not affiliated or endorsed by Snapchat." - Snaplytics CEO and co-founder Thomas Cilius

The technology's dashboard offers marketing metrics such as open rates, views, average number of screen shots taken, number of followers, completion rate, open rate, and information on how followers learned about a specific Snapchat account. Other analytics include benchmarking against other companies.

While other companies, such as Naritiv and, offer technology to monitor Snapchat for clients. But according to Snaplytics CEO and co-founder Thomas Cilius, his is the only company to do it without relying on an API and solely dedicated to the social media channel.

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“We are not affiliated or endorsed by Snapchat,” Cilius said. “Its business model heavily revolves around advertising on the platform, where we focus on brands who want to run a native channel on Snapchat. We only look into our customers’ own stories and not the one-to-one snaps. There is a fine line between lurking and delivering valuable analytics. We are not using the previously hacked API but have built a setup where we can grab the data without any APIs.”