Blogging: Better content, more shares

Companies in 2016 are producing more content than ever, but that does not mean the content is having a greater impact on consumers. The average number of blog posts published per brand increased by 800 percent over the last five years. However, the average number of social shares per post has decreased by 89 percent.

The result: Marketers are producing more blog posts, but losing distribution power, according to new research by TrackMaven. Just in the past year, September 2015 to September 2016, the length of blog posts have gone from about 639 words per post to an average of 718 words per post.

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In the "How to Build a Better Blog Than Your Competitors: 2017 Blogging Report" by TrackMaven, best practices for marketers were formed by looking into the components of more than 65,000 blog posts. The results analyze industrywide trends in blogging output and impact, optimizing posting schedules and increasing blog shareability.

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Ultimately, the report breaks successful blogging down into seven best practices.

  1. The most competitive time of the week to publish a blog is on Wednesdays at noon EST.
  2. Blog posts containing short paragraphs get shared most often.
  3. The ideal blog title length is seven words.
  4. Using all caps in a blog title is not a good strategy.
  5. Long blog titles should utilize quotes.
  6. Do include photos and videos in blog posts, but in moderation.
  7. Punctuation density correlates to shareability.