B2B prioritizes targeting over customer experience

B2B marketers are striving to target customers and create more compelling content, versus focusing on the customer experience, according to new research from advisory firm Econsultancy.

Although B2B marketers lag retailers in their effectiveness to personalize marketing, the group still stated that "optimizing the customer experience" is their most exciting opportunity in 2016, according to the report. B2B marketers hope to achieve this more personalized experience through more compelling and targeted content in campaigns.

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The report, "Digital Intelligence Briefing: B2B Digital Trends 2016-2017," conducted in association with Adobe Systems Inc., looked into the strategy, marketing, and digital content operations of more than 1,000 B2B professionals. When asked their "single most exciting opportunity" in 2016, optimizing the customer experience was the answer for 20 percent of B2B respondents, versus 24 percent of B2C respondents.

Another 17 percent of B2B marketers cited creating compelling content for digital experiences, versus 16 percent of B2C marketers. Data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual was noted by 14 percent of B2B marketers and 20 percent of B2C marketers. In addition, using automated marketing campaigns to yield more customer response was the exciting prospect for 14 percent of B2B marketers, and 8 percent of respondents mentioned marketing across online and offline channels.

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