Poll: Executive responsibility for content marketing strategy growing

Content marketing strategy is slowly becoming the responsibility of executives within marketing organizations, though most content marketing teams are still lean and mean.

The “Content Marketing Staffing and Tactics Barometer 2016” report from Curata found that many organizations now have executive oversight for content strategy, though the shift toward that trend has occurred more slowly than some had predicted.

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“Expectations for growth of this senior role were high in 2015, with 49 percent of companies expecting to have a content marketing executive by the end of 2015,” Curata content marketing director Mitchell Hall wrote in this Content Marketing Forum post. “Growth has been slower than expected however. This role exists at only 42 percent of companies today, but is expected to increase into 2017. Of the content marketing leaders, 53 percent have this role in place today, versus 32 percent for the laggards. Small companies with less than $10M in revenue, and large companies with $1 billion-plus in revenue should see a 30 percent increase in staffing for the lead role in 2017.”

The study also focused on marketing organizations with dedicated content teams, finding that most run a very tight ship. A total of 68 percent of companies that have a content marketing team staff 3 or fewer people, 21 percent staff 4 to 6 team members, 6 percent staff 7 to 10, and 5 percent staff 10 or more on their content teams.

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While the teams may be small, the work they do is critical.

“The current phase of content marketing sees sector leaders no longer focused on pure content volume, or trying to hit the lottery with that one unicorn piece of content,” Hall wrote. “These marketers are building the foundational elements of a practice that taps into the power of content to move an entire organization, versus simply a handful of people in a small corner of the marketing team.”