Inside Oracle's B2B audience data marketplace


Oracle Data Cloud has launched a new B2B audience data marketplace aimed at making programmatic, data-driven and account-based B2B marketing easier for marketing pros.

Here's the lowdown: Oracle Data Cloud's new B2B audience solution gives marketers access to more than 400 million business profiles in thousands of B2B audience segments, providing users with a customizable and scalable audience targeting solution. The audience data marketplace also provides marketers with tools for account-based strategies, with access to data on more than one million addressable U.S. companies.

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"Our B2B audience solution is designed to provide the digital targeting flexibility and scale that B2B marketers need," Rob Holland, group vice president of the Oracle Data Cloud, said in a statement. "Our account-based marketing backbone recognizes that effective digital B2B marketing should support a company's sales goals by focusing on the accounts it is trying to reach."

The new solution from Oracle ties in proprietary insights from Oracle BlueKai, Datalogix and AddThis, as well as strategic partnerships with B2B data providers such as Bombora, Dun & Bradstreet, FullContact, Gravy Analytics, HG Data, Infogroup, PlaceIQ, and TransUnion, and predictive analytics from Leadspace.

Marketers will have access to more than 700 enhanced Oracle B2B audience segments, in addition to a B2B audience marketplace that features more than 4,000 pre-built audiences from Oracle's partners.

The level of detail and targeting this kind of marketplace could provide marketers is good news for those B2B marketing organizations that are focusing on account-based tactics.

"Effective B2B marketing requires both accuracy and scale, and Oracle Data Cloud's B2B audience solution provides both the reach and the targeting we need for our account-based marketing efforts," Patrice Lagrange, senior director, digital demand nurturing services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, said in a statement. "We are pleased to be working with Oracle Data Cloud to support our enterprise sales efforts with robust data-driven marketing campaigns."

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