CMO Council study finds despite challenges, CMO/CIO alignment critical to business success

BtoBOnline reports that while alignment challenges exist, the relationship between the CMO and CIO is more entwined and critical than ever, according to a study from the CMO Council.

The CMO Council's "Big Data's Biggest Role: Aligning the CMO and CIO" report found that 85 percent of marketers and 85 percent of IT executives agree that their relationship is critical. However, less than half of marketers (41 percent) and even fewer IT executives (39 percent) said they are aligned with one another and admit there are still challenges to executing priority projects.

"In this age of digital engagement, it is easy to see how the roles of the CMO and CIO are intertwined," said Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO Council, in a statement. "But the relationship has evolved beyond platforms and processes and has become solidified over the data needs of the organization. Separately, the two roles can devolve into bickering over budget, ownership and governance. But aligned and coupled, these two roles become silo-busters, with the ultimate goal of enabling enterprise-wide customer centricity."

The study highlighted ways that the alignment between marketing and IT could be improved.

Twenty-six percent of marketers said they were looking for a strategic partner that will come to the table with initiatives to advance customer-centricity. Sixty-three percent of marketers also said the greatest value in the relationship can manifest in the ability of the organization to better gather data from across the enterprise (63 percent).

Sixty-two percent of IT executives said they saw marketing as their partner in advancing analytics and data-driven decision-making throughout the organization. However, 62 percent of IT execs would like marketing to approach them earlier in the process to collaborate more on strategy and not just platform selection and deployment.

"Of all the C-suite executives, the CMO and CIO are most primed to drive customer-centricity throughout the organization," said Wilson Raj, global customer intelligence director of SAS. "The CMO and CIO must become comrades in gathering and analyzing data across the enterprise, and adopting technologies that anticipate, automate and accelerate customer engagements."

The CMO Council study, conducted from the third quarter of last year through the first quarter of this year, was based on an online survey of 237 senior marketers and 211 senior IT executives.

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