Zendesk has launched new products that create more personal connections between customers and organizations through customer intelligence and deeper analytics.

According to a Rakuten Marketing Insights Report, marketers relying solely on third-party analytics platforms are not realizing all earned Facebook revenue.

More than two-thirds of consumers prefer brands to communicate with them via email rather than social media channels.

While marketers get to know their buyers and purchasing behaviors, many don't fully understand the emotional motivation behind the initial purchase.

Global content intelligence platform Conductor announced the launch of a new tool that offers a live feed of personalized recommendations for digital marketers.

According to a survey released by Magisto, millennial leaders at small and medium-sized businesses spend 58 percent of their marketing budget on digital media.

U.S. marketers' spend on paid search continued its downward trend, 4 percent year-over-year, in the third quarter, according to IgnitionOne.

People-based marketing is a must for most marketers in 2016, however, few agencies are able to recognize and engage consumers on every channel and device.