Predictive analytics tech firm Infer sees record growth

Predictive analytics technology is a growing space in the marketing world, giving marketers the ability to leverage data to predict customer behavior. The buzz around predictive analytics solutions has paid off for predictive tech specialist Infer, which just announced a 500 percent jump in existing customer spend over the past quarter.

How technology can supercharge B2B events

Live events can be a big source of revenue for B2B companies, and event technology solutions can make the entire process a lot easier, from event management to sales and measurement.

BrightFunnel unveils Account-Based Marketing Analytics

BrightFunnel has added an account-based marketing tool to its multi-touch attribution platform, giving marketers a new option for targeting buyers within B2B organizations.

Study: Viewability impacts digital ad effectiveness, but may not be a KPI

In the constantly shifting digital ad landscape, one thing is clear: Viewability is critical, and the longer a viewer is able to see a digital ad, the more likely it is to make an impression.

Report: Referrals, email best bets for lead gen and nurturing

With lead generation and nurturing key priorities for B2B marketing organizations, referrals, search and trade shows are the top sources for B2B lead gen, while email is the best platform for lead nurturing, according to eMarketer.