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  • Anarchy to order: Adolescence arrives for social channel management

    It's amazing to think that only five years have passed since a major wave of enterprises launched branded social media accounts to engage with customers and influencers. Now social channels have reached a level of maturity such that they should be reined in so that the practices applied are appropriate to drive what is no longer a cottage business.

Google cuts out advertisers with Contributor service

In a move destined to displease advertisers, Google has launched Contributor, which lets people pay a small fee to access their favorite sites—without ads.

Forbes dumps Google for adMarketplace to serve search ads

Google is having a rough month. First, ditched AdSense for Search in favor of adMarketplace. Next, Firefox replaced Google search with Yahoo search. Now, Forbes announced that it will also drop Google after signing a deal with adMarketplace to provide paid search advertising alongside search results.

Report: Amazon plans ad-supported video-streaming service

Amazon plans to introduce new ad-supported video-streaming service early next year, according to a report in the New York Post. The offering will be separate from its $99-a-year Prime membership, which includes a video service, sources told the Post.

Salesforce unveils updated version of Social Studio

Salesforce has unveiled a new version of its Social Studio, which pulls together all of the company's social listening and engagement capabilities.

Google rolls out 'mobile-friendly' label to force companies to provide mobile-friendly websites

Google has spent a lot of time this year on ensuring users have a smooth mobile experience. The company furthered these efforts this week by launching a "mobile-friendly" label designed to compel companies to provide mobile-friendly websites.