In this week's reported earnings, Facebook announced that it continues to grow its ad revenues and user base across properties.

Digital advertising revenues in the U.S. have reached an all-time high in the first half of 2016, increasing 19 percent over last year's record $27.5…

Companies in 2016 are producing more content than ever, but that does not mean the content is having a greater impact on consumers.

B2B marketers are striving to target customers and create more compelling content, versus focusing on the customer experience, according to new research.

Internet providers will soon have to ask permission to provide marketers with consumers' data, according to a recent FCC ruling.

Zendesk has launched new products that create more personal connections between customers and organizations through customer intelligence and deeper analytics.

According to a Rakuten Marketing Insights Report, marketers relying solely on third-party analytics platforms are not realizing all earned Facebook revenue.

In a recent study by CMO Council, 35 percent of marketers said that their companies have a data strategy in place, but it is not embraced by the entire team.