The “2016 Adobe Digital Marketing Survey” found that organizations that have reached digital maturity are leveraging data and analytics in more advanced ways.

Content marketing strategy is becoming the responsibility of executives, though most content marketing teams are still lean and mean.

The desire to improve customer experience is driving digital transformation, but there is still work to be done in mapping the customer journey.

A new study shows that while more organizations are prioritizing digital marketing strategies, most marketers are lacking in the digital skills department.

Connecting with B2B audiences on platforms like LinkedIn through native advertising content can prove effective in the era of ad blocking – if it's done…

Organizations that aren’t making the most of big data are inhibited by a lack of talent within their teams and organizational silos, according to a new report.

Leveraging social platforms to increase brand awareness and drive new leads are the top two goals for marketers on social, according to new data.

In the modern B2B ecosystem, buyers expect a B2C level of customer experience, so it’s imperative that marketers provide that high level of engagement.