Retailers and brands are not necessarily seeing eye-to-eye on their marketing strategies, according to a new report from Netsertive and the CMO Council.

With these updates, mobile marketers can create messages with rich communication in real time, such as photos, videos, surveys, promotions and announcements.

The "State of the Connected Customer" looked at B2B and B2C customer expectations as the result of mobile and found that buyers are increasingly…

Internet providers will soon have to ask permission to provide marketers with consumers' data, according to a recent FCC ruling.

Companies in 2016 are producing more content than ever, but that does not mean the content is having a greater impact on consumers.

The feature allows sales teams to read a potential consumer's digital body language before engaging so that the conversation can be tailored and most…

In a recent study, 83 percent of brand marketers said connecting with wider culture is important, and 71 percent said they seek to contribute to culture.

Zendesk has launched new products that create more personal connections between customers and organizations through customer intelligence and deeper analytics.