Content keyword selection: Pinpoint vs. spotlight

Selecting the right keyword strategy for content is important so that content can be easily found by the right audience, but figuring out what type of content you're working with is the first step toward figuring out who to target and what keywords will work best.

Cohort data analysis can work for B2B

B2C marketers have leveraged cohort analysis to group orders and categorize sales to glean common customer characteristics, and B2B marketers can learn from their consumer-centric colleagues.


Tips for cutting back on email "unsubscribes"

No marketer wants to see rising unsubscribe rates in their email campaigns, but keeping customers from clicking the dreaded unsubscribe button is attainable through smart use of databases, cutting back on volume, careful strategic planning and engaging messaging.

AOL's CMO shares insights on the prominent role of content

Allie Kline took over as CMO of AOL, Inc. at the beginning of the year, overseeing all global marketing strategy for AOL's corporate initiatives, advertising platforms and content marketing solutions group.

Last month, the brand rolled out an in-house content development studio called Partner Studio by AOL. Partner Studio gives advertisers access to AOL's open and unified content technology platform, which the company says makes managing a fully developed, cross-screen content marketing campaign simpler yet more effective than ever before.

Getting maximum value from Facebook and Twitter

Social network giants Facebook and Twitter can provide a great deal of value to B2B marketers, but in order to get the most out of these platforms marketing teams must come up with a plan to leverage them properly to maximize ROI.